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Undoubtedly the most pampered member of the family, Doc has many interests and activities. By day, he is "Office Dog", working (read as "sleeping") in the office with Doug, making sure that Scott the UPS man has treats for him every day. As an incentive for Scott to return the next day, he performs his famous "treat snatching from his nose" routine.

Many days, Jane (our sometimes house-watcher extraordinaire and office phone person) accompanies Doc on a  trek up the slopes of Mount Helix, or elsewhere.    

By night, Doc guards John and his room from his place on John's bed.

But by far, his favorite activity is going anywhere and everywhere in the car, whether to the bank to make a deposit (where he also receives treats), to school to deliver or pickup John, or just for a spin in the sport car (with nose pointed outside the car and forward).

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