churchandpole.jpg (198509 bytes)The village viewed from the south. The tall blue and white pole in the center is the bavarian craftsman tree - the church directly behind, the post office to the left, a house to the right. The station house and station platform is barely visible at the bottom left.

station1.jpg (167776 bytes)A view of the main station at the village.



station2.jpg (143237 bytes)Another view of the station, with the switch house and water tank in the foreground.


trainshed.jpg (175153 bytes)The top half of the train shed can be seen past the trestle. Note the door at the left side of the shed where the trains can enter the shed's four track storage lines.


village1.jpg (195188 bytes)  village2.jpg (195551 bytes)

village3.jpg (181891 bytes)More views of the village


yard1.jpg (77931 bytes)The mallet moving through the yard approaching the station.



upperview.jpg (181551 bytes)The Euro-K as viewed from the upper "firepit" viewing area. The konditorei (blue and white building) is just visible in the foreground, with the village off in the distance. The mallet loco (green) is just at the first switchback climbing to the top of the layout, and the rack loco (yellow) is in the lower right hand corner climbing up to the konditorei.

postoffice.jpg (182024 bytes)The postoffice.



farmhouse1.jpg (195817 bytes)The farmhouse. You can just see a hen with her chicks in front.



waterfalllower.jpg (205118 bytes) waterfalllower2.jpg (211807 bytes) Two views of the mallet steaming up the first switchback over the stream running from the waterfall.



trestlelower.jpg (202436 bytes)The trestle viewed from below.



trestle1.jpg (201012 bytes)trestle2.jpg (198116 bytes) The trestle viewed from the south.



trestletunnel2.jpg (200701 bytes) trestletunnel.jpg (204505 bytes)tunnel1.jpg (203347 bytes)Steaming out of tunnel #3 towards the trestle.



switcher1.jpg (199528 bytes)The little steam loco "switcher" pulls the mail and some tourists into the village.


cafe.jpg (162206 bytes)The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner inside, or on the patio overlooking the village.


cars2.jpg (163449 bytes) cars1.jpg (167710 bytes)  Two german cars parked at the station. In the morning, and later, in the afternoon.



konditorei1.jpg (191835 bytes)The konditorei sits atop tunnel #2, serving passengers taking the rack railway from the village below to enjoy the view and refreshments.


cows.jpg (249062 bytes) cows2.jpg (228953 bytes) The livestock graze in fields in the upper highlands, close by the farmhouse.



rack1.jpg (167843 bytes)  rack2.jpg (206179 bytes) rackandmallet.jpg (208977 bytes) rackstation1.jpg (184915 bytes) rackstation2.jpg (195017 bytes) rackstation3.jpg (178719 bytes) rackupperstation1.jpg (171317 bytes) Several views of the rack loco, with upper and lower stops.



shop1.jpg (189118 bytes) shop2.jpg (195654 bytes) The repair shop services the entire village.



switchback1.jpg (193011 bytes) switchback2withrack.jpg (213470 bytes) switchback3withrack.jpg (202054 bytes) switchback4.jpg (172217 bytes) The mallet negotiates the switchbacks up the mountain.