I-day Pictures

There are more pictures available (courtesy of parent George Dodge) at http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4291678199

Also, more here (courtesy of Mike Zets) at http://www.usna-net.org/iday02/index.html

We stopped short of Alumni Hall to reflect and take a few pictures before reporting

Outside Alumni Hall, where the soon-to-be Plebes report to start the process, and where the Super (Vice Admiral Naughton) spoke to the parents later in the day

About 5 minutes waiting in line...

...and then he was gone

Here's a picture (John's in the middle) somewhere deep in the bowels of Alumni Hall during in-processing (thanks to Mike Zets at USNA-NET for the picture).

Much later that day their newly issued sea bags were delivered to the back of Bancroft Hall...

...where the Plebes were bussed in (under the scrutiny of the detailers now)...

...given their sea bags and rushed up the stairs to their new quarters

Back to Alumni Hall for some reassuring words from the Super and the Commandant

Meanwhile, more Plebes are still being processed in another part of Alumni Hall

After a short band concert, the Plebes appeared at the side doors of Bancroft Hall at Tecumseh Court

Mom is always early.

We had front row seats, and could literally touch John as he marched in with the rest of the Plebes for the swearing in ceremony

A sea of 1200 Plebes with "dixie cups" sat in front of us (you can see John in the middle of the picture second row from the back)

The scene from farther back

The National Anthem was perfomed by a newly graduated Ensign, class of 2002

The Officer in Charge makes a few remarks

Two Blue Angels did a fly-over above the midshipmen and crowd before the oath was administered

First the Detailer's oath was administered

The Detailers were everywhere around the Plebes

Next, the Super read the oath of induction for the Plebes...

...they answered " I DO", and it was done deal

We had several great minutes to visit with John after the ceremony

Tired and hungry (we had a cold drink, sandwich and snacks ready for him), he still managed a smile with Mom and Dad

Then the Plebes reformed and marched back to Bancroft Hall (for their first meal at the Academy!)

Bravo Company, ...

...Platoon 4 (that's the last we see him until Parent Plebe Weekend in August)