Black Snow





    Head Song - MP3

    Nighttime Shadows - MP3

    Proud Country - MP3

    These tunes were recorded, I believe, at the famous "Gold Star" studios in Hollywood, CA.


"Black Snow" consisted of (left to right) George Fogelman (keyboards, vocals, woodwinds), Dave Maynard (lead vocals, bass, harmonica), Jeff Dalrymple (percussion, vocals), and Doug Kvandal (keyboards, vocals, brass). Most of the all-original material was written by George and Dave.

The above publicity photo was taken at the Veteran's cemetery in Los Angeles at about the time the group changed their name to "Peace on Earth". It was supposed to be an ironic portrayal of man's inhumanity to man (most of the musical material reflected a very "tree-hugging, peace and love" image - my apologies to Dave who I think really believed every lyric he ever sang) set against a militaristic background of war statues and headstones.

As a footnote, we don't want to slight our own "Peter Best" - Rafe Lindenburg (not pictured, freaky guitar), who was a seminal influence with the group until the group moved from San Diego to Los Angeles to "make it big".


September 1969 flyer from a concert in the park  in Glendale, CA where we were

 a featured performer, along with  the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

 We were reviewed in the Glendale News-Press on Wednesday, September 3, 1969 as follows:

"The affair lasted nearly eight hours, starting at 1 in the afternoon...All nine groups showed the characteristics of rock groups everywhere - long hair and creative clothing. This drew remarks from the displaced regular Scholl Canyon picnickers.

One of the best-liked groups was San Diego's Peace on Earth, whose afternoon set drew an encore.

The four-man group's unusual arrangement included, beside the standard drum and guitar, two men who between them played organ, piano, saxophone, trumpet and electric xylophone."



 October, 1969 flyer from our stint at the Melody Room

 (which was kitty-corner from the Whiskey-A-Go-Go)

 on the Sunset Strip  in Hollywood.


 (While we were on a break one night, Jeff and I met one of our college idol/icons

 there in a liquor store next to the club - Stan Freberg).