Sounds of 68




"The Sounds of '68" consisted of (left to right) James "Ortho" Moran (bass), George Fogelman aka George Mann (keyboards, vocals, woodwinds),  Jeff Dalrymple aka Jeff Dale (percussion, vocals), Doug Kvandal aka Doug Lynn (keyboards, vocals, brass), and Vicki Palmer (vocals), who was a former "Miss Maid of Cotton" in Texas before attending SDSU. George, Jeff and Doug were all music majors at SDSU, and this group was the beginning of a lifelong friendship through many groups. They still meet once a month for lunch to keep in touch. 

The group was formed to become the opening act and new backup band for Dr. Michael Dean, "The World's Foremost Hypnotist", at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach. We worked 5 nights a week with Dr. Dean, and on the sixth night were the only act in the showroom, playing for entertainment and dancing. We sometimes also worked extra nights on the Bahia Belle.

Pictured here in an appearance on the Bob Dale TV Show. we were quite the celebrities in town and on campus at SDSU, with our picture nightly in the Union Tribune entertainment section. The Dr. Dean show was the biggest show in town, and we got lots of press as his youthful, "working their way through college" musical group.






Several months after it's inception, Sherrie Harris replaced Vicki as the new lead female singer.

When Dr. Dean moved his act from the Catamaran to the Midway Chuck Wagon, the group changed to include just George, Jeff and Doug, where they were "discovered" by a businessman from Los Angeles, who sponsored them to move to LA and become stars (see Black Snow).

Many thanks to George for most of the "Sounds of 68" photos.