Parent Plebe Weekend

On August 9 - 12, 2002, at the end of Plebe Summer, the parents and other family members gather at the yard for a long-awaited visit with their newly-minted midshipman Plebe. The Plebes have liberty for part of each day to spend off the yard with their loved ones.

Orioles game at Camden Yard - On August 6 and 7, the Plebes (half of the companies each nite), attended the baseball game vs the Minnesota Twins. While we weren't allowed any contact yet, we were there to view the Plebes arrive and enjoy themselves at the game - and see Camden Yard for ourselves for the first time.

The Plebes arrive at the ballpark

They marched in by company

John's the third from the left

The USNA color guard arrives on the field

A USNA brass quintet played a stirring version of the national anthem ...

... while the color guard presented the colors.

Plebe alert in the upper deck!

Many of the Plebes deserted their seats during the game in pursuit of hot dogs and other gourmet food they hadn't seen in 6 weeks.

Thursday August 8 - Early registration day

Dahlgren Hall had many displays of Midshipman life, and each company had a banner hanging. John's company was Bravo (Platoon 4)

Jan poses at the King's Hall (mess hall) display. Note the Navy peanut butter, milk, ketchup, etc.

John was assistant squad leader that day, and was busy studying his rates for the day during the noon formation.

While we had no contact with the Plebes that day, we watched them at various times while going about their business in the Yard.

The Drum and Bugle Corp plays

Tecumseh was decorated for the weekend

Jan and Mac

Doug and Mac

We got to go to water polo practice and see John and his teamates scrimmage

Friday "0-Dark" am - PEP( Physical Exercise Program) - Every morning before the sun comes up (6 am), the Plebes go through 90 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises. On Friday, parents were invited (at 5:15 am) to watch the last PEP session. Hundreds of sit-ups, leg raises, squats ensued to the applause of the crowd - all led by a "sadistic" marine who cheerfully barked out the exercises as the Plebes shouted out the repetitions.

The field was empty and lighted when we arrived

Company B was the first to arrive (each platoon lined up in one line streching across the entire width of the field)

Company B all present and accounted for (note the "B" guidon flag)

First they warmed up by stretching while waiting for the other companies to arrive

More stretching

John is the one in the back with his arms stretched over his head

Next they jog in a circle around their yard line

Later, the sun rose while the Plebes were out on their half mile intervals run outside the field

 Scenes from the Yard - Two dress parades, several meal formations, church services, brunch at the officer's club, briefings from the Commandant and "Super" - just some of the activites we enjoyed while awaiting liberty for the Plebes.

John stands at attention during noon formation

Studying his rates again.

Part of the port brigade

The Drum and Bugle Corps

The official photographer was always present to record events - we'll get video tapes later this year

The crowd assembles for the first dress parade

The left side of the parade grounds

Here they come!

Company B arrives

Pretty sharp looking!

Ready for inspection

From the left - the band, Company A, Company B, etc.

The band marches in

The color guard

Passing in review

The "Super's quintet" entertained us while we awaited the briefing by the Superintendent

Refreshments were readied for a reception following the briefing

The "Super" again at the reaffirmation ceremony and parade

Another day, another dress parade

Hands up, they take the oath again, just as they did 6 weeks earlier

Mac, John, and Jan

Love those dress whites!

John and Dad


Just had to have another picture in his dress whites

The state of the art track facility

Mac, Jan and John stroll down Preble walk

One of the classroom buildings - Mahan Hall

Mac and John

John is standing in the alcove area donated by the Class of 1972 (our friend Dave Orr's class)

The plaque in the alcove

Looking from the Yard toward Gate 3

Leaving the chapel

Looking away from the Chapel

Herndon awaits!

The Chapel entrance

John and Jan