Crystal Set


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The Crystal Set was a "lounge group" in the truest 1970's fashion. Speaking of fashion, dig those white polyester suits with alligator and leather trim. 

Left to right, first picture, Doug Kvandal - keyboards/Fender Rhodes bass/vocals, Larry Buta - drums/vocals,  Al Gonzales - guitar/vocals.

After a brief stint with "Quicksand", a "Chicago (the group)" type 9-piece touring group (great group, no money), I was offered the spot vacated by  the previous keyboard player of the Crystal Set, which was then appearing at the Bahia Hotel in San Diego (a "sell-out" artistically, but good money), We traveled extensively, mostly between San Francisco and San Diego. I learned a lot about the "business" part of show business from the leader of the group, Larry Buta.

While the music may not have been art, my membership in this group really "put me on the map" musically in San Diego, and allowed me to form my own group later, as well as a stint with Kirk Bates and the Leaves of Grass after I decided I'd had enough of the road and returned to San Diego.