Fri 17th


16U lose to Hawaii, 6-5. We got robbed. Even the opposing coach said so. It was pretty much the common opinion (even among the opposing parents) that the officials took the game from us in the last minute by practically giving the Hawaii team the final goal by giving them an unfair advantage on a ball thrown in by the referee without giving time for our team to setup following a confusing call. Hard to explain, but even harder to accept - but we play for the bronze medal tomorrow.

 Watch us score a four-meter penalty shot   (download the flash player if you haven't already)

Watch us sprint for the ball

18U win over Hawaii, 6-3. We win a close one, 3-3 after three quarters. Andy Orr scores all three of our goals in the first three quarters, then we pull away. Tomorrow we play for the gold against Lamorinda. Sorry, the photographer took the game off to watch the action - so no pictures today.