Euro-K Railway


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The Euro-K Railway was originally designed and constructed in 1994. Recently, many improvements were made for it's inclusion on the tour for the 2000 National Garden Railway Convention held in San Diego.

Our theme remains European, with extensive rock work (usually mostly native rock from our property, and a distinctly mountainesque flavor.

A Bavarian Craftsman's tree in the town square is the main attraction for the many tourists the small village depends on to survive. Also, a rack railway runs from just outside the village to the konditorei a mile or so up the mountain, via a cog rail line.

The Euro-K was originally designed and engineered by Scale Diversions of La Jolla, CA. The challenge was to build a small, but interesting layout that had to move several actual feet in elevation from a village and train yard to an eight-foot trestle in the mountains and back again. It is a dog-bone type layout, with an elevation change of about three feet in a very small area. This is accomplished by a series of switchbacks winding up the hill (none exceeding 2.5%), through three tunnels, traversing to a custom built trestle (around which the layout was designed) and back again to a European village. The switchbacks also provide an almost continuous viewing of the trains as they wend their way up the mountain, through three tunnels, across the trestle, and back.

New this year are an automated point-to-point cog operated trolley line, several new buildings (all with lights), two new tunnels, as well as a custom built train storage shed for all our stock and tools.

At the present time, there are 12 structures, all built from Pola European kits.

Also, there is a small mountain, from which a waterfall begins, flows through a 15 foot stream, and finally ends in a small pond at the foot of the rack railway station.

The rolling stock is exclusively LGB, which is G-scale (1:22.5).  Trains are battery operated, and switches are electrically operated from a Stanfield created switching console.

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In case you're interested, this all started from a small circle of track around the Christmas tree a few years be careful, this could happen to you!