Sun 12th


Lower classmen socialized while in flight.

The Rock - Bart kept a close watch on the going's on in the main cabin

Eric - One of Bishop's newest faculty members still looks like one of the guys.

Buddies - Chris and Julian fantasized about what they were about to experience on the beaches.

Brian - Some guys snoozed...

Danny - ..and some kicked back.

Coach Doug - There's a rumor that some coaches flew 1st class...

Coach Jim flying in style - the new haircut, Coach.

Where do we find the babes?

"First we ditch the coaches..."

Newlyweds - By chance, we ran into Kevin Murray's brother who was on his honeymoon. Coach Jim offered him some quick advice when his new bride wasn't

Local Music - I took this picture from our patio at the Halekulani that first afternoon.