Tarheels Invitational


On April 14th and15th, 2001 (Easter weekend) we traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to participate in the North Carolina University "Tarheel Invitational". This is a tournament for club teams. All the clubs participating were college aged (or older), except for our young men and women.

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DSC00114.JPG (59607 bytes) Our boys and girls teams consisted of 9 players each - and they did us proud by capturing the winner's trophy for men and women.

DSC00049.JPG (16280 bytes) We (Jan and Doug) stayed at the Historic Carolina Inn. The team stayed at the Sheraton.

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DSC00057.JPG (870109 bytes) Johnnie, Jan, Larry (and his niece), and the Gordon's (Eric's parents)

DSC00059.JPG (897184 bytes) Eric was left scratching his head at times

DSC00060.JPG (828675 bytes) The boys watched as the girls rolled on...

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DSC00074.JPG (749297 bytes) Bart was sporting his new goatie

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DSC00086.JPG (849957 bytes) DSC00087.JPG (796025 bytes) DSC00088.JPG (827644 bytes)

DSC00096.JPG (891461 bytes) Johnnie and Jan hamming it up outside the Nasitorium (that's what they call the indoor pool).

DSC00098.JPG (915140 bytes) The Easter Bunny delivered Easter baskets on Saturday nite

DSC00100.JPG (61571 bytes) Yet another post-game strategy session

DSC00102.JPG (61809 bytes) DSC00107.JPG (63132 bytes) Before and after the championship match

DSC00109.JPG (61263 bytes) MVP Justin bears the fruit of victory.

DSC00124.JPG (61589 bytes) The victors!

DSC00115.JPG (62056 bytes) DSC00119.JPG (57951 bytes) DSC00120.JPG (59750 bytes) Even better looking out of the pool!

 DSC00121.JPG (61921 bytes) Po had battle scars to show off