Wed 15th



18U's had two games today. We won both easily, the second over at the U of Hawaii against New Zealand, which was interesting because of the venue and the atmosphere - it was at night, the viewing area is high, and relatively far away from the pool. The Kiwi's had their own cheering section (comprised of their lower age group teammates), and they kept things lively, (when they had something to cheer about).

In between games, the 18U team and parents were treated to a gourmet extravaganga at the Dixie Grill. Map to Dixie Grill

Lining up before the game versus Agoura

Brian hangs loose

The ball goes flying as bodies collide on the opening sprint

Chris sat today's games out because he was under the weather with a touch of the "Hawaii flu".

Dylan awaits a pass from the outside

James advances down the pool

John splashes water in the defender's face, while pretending to look the other way (just kidding, my son would never do that).

Julian patrols the goal

Justin blocks another one!

Luke shoots

Halftime. My attempt at an "artsy" shot using my telephoto and "unzooming" to create a circle around TK as he backstrokes and juggles the ball.

Reed looks for help.

Either it was a tense moment, or John needed some nail clippers.

Luke looks to the "weak" side. "Look to the force, Luke, the force" (apologies to Star Wars)

TK poised to score

John defends

Final Score San Miguel 11 - Agoura 2

Debriefing after the game

Alfonso was happy

We dined at the Dixie Grill. Ribs, sandbox, handwashing trough, and screaming Mai Tai's

Our waiter carried several plates - notice the one on his head

Jim chats it up with the parents

Howdy, y'all!


Genevieve and Dave

Gigi and Jan

The Kandels

Geneva and Doug's favorite BBQ sauce was the Kansas City style (they had six to choose from)

The McCains

The University of Hawaii pool

The boys were camped out on the opposite stands before the game

Justin in his private changing room